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Callista Djiu
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Callista was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia and moved to the U.S. at the age of 22, several months after graduating with a BS in Communication, Public Relations Concentration.  She initially wanted to pursue a degree in Architecture but ultimately chose Public Relations.  Having always been the “quietest kid in the classroom” she struggled with her decision to pursue a career in P.R.  A conversation with her aunt ultimately reinforced her decision and gave her the encouragement needed to move forward.  Her aunt told her “If you already know how to do something, why would you go to school for it?  That’s the purpose of education, to learn what you don’t know.”  Years later, now as an agent, she uses what she learned in school to be a more confident and successful professional.  Having recently earned her G.R.I. (Graduate, REALTOR® Institute) designation, she continues to demonstrate her eagerness to learn and provide the best service to her community and clients.  

Callista and her Husband, Steve, moved to San Angelo in 2012 from Abilene, to start their own restaurant.   After 5 years in business, they partnered with an associate and opened another in early 2018.  She loves working, but when at home, she loves to be in the kitchen creating new and traditional dishes and treats for her family.  Her two little boys take their jobs as taste testers very seriously and are always eager to assist.  Callista is always generous with sharing what she creates with all her co-workers at NextHome Legends Realty that “are a part of her family”, at least at heart.  Her four-legged son, Nero, also never passes up a chance to taste test Mom’s treats as well.

Callista’s love for her clients is apparent in her constant support given to them.  She has said that every single one of them leaves memories that she will always remember and treasure.  Having moved to a new place and endured starting over herself, Callista takes great pride in helping military families, or any family dealing with a distant move.  Having clients entrust her with a home that they often never see before they arrive, is an honor that she holds dear.  The moment that they arrive here, after closing on the home, and seeing them beam with pride is a feeling that never gets old.  Regardless if you are local or finding your way here, we can ensure one thing….Callista Djiu is ready to help YOU!