Neighborhoods In San Angelo

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It can be difficult to know what neighborhood you want to live in without knowing more about each area. That’s why NextHome Legends has put together these videos that go into detail about the neighborhoods in San Angelo and their accompanying features. Ready to find your next home? View our videos and give us a call so you can buy or sell your home fast and for the best price.

NextHome Featured Neighborhood: College Hills

Popular for young families and students, College Hills Neighborhood is home to Angelo State University which was founded in 1928. Important roadways running through this neighborhood include Avenue N, to the north, and Knickerbocker Road, to the east. Commercial opportunities are clustered along these streets and aside from the campus, outlying areas are characterized by a sea of dense housing stock.

The Red Arroyo is a destination for recreation and borders the neighborhood to the south. PAYS School, Glenn Middle School, and Crocket Elementary School are located in and around the campus as is the Administration Building for San Angelo Independent School District.

source: City of San Angelo

NextHome Featured Neighborhood: Southland

A smaller neighborhood of San Angelo, the Southland neighborhood is situated directly south of West Loop 306 and bounded by Texas Pacifico Railroad’s rails to the east.

The neighborhood is largely residential in nature, yet commercial nodes exist along the major expressway and junction with Knickerbocker Road and points south. The Texas Department of Transportation’s regional headquarters is located on Knickerbocker Road. Much of the area was annexed into the city limits and developed as subdivisions in the early 1970s and further developed in the late ’70s and ’80s.

Source: City of San Angelo

NextHome Featured Neighborhood: Bentwood

Home to the Bentwood Country Club, Bentwood is most centralized around the country club itself.

West Loop 306 is the northernmost boundary for the Country Club neighborhood. The central portion of Bentwood is best characterized by its large private golf club with its upscale housing skirting the fringes of the golf course. The west side is experiencing rapid growth in housing stock. Newly annexed properties continue to stretch the city limits southward and westward to Sherwood Way.

Community facilities include Lamar Elementary School and Fire Station No. 2, which are located in the northwestern portion of the neighborhood.

Source: City of San Angelo

NextHome Featured Neighborhood: Nasworthy

The Nasworthy neighborhood is best identified as one of the city’s most important recreational attractions because of the presence of Lake Nasworthy, but it is full of surprises and family fun throughout.

A wide variety of activities take place on and around the lake, including annual world-class drag boat races and an annual Fourth of July fireworks display that lights up the skies and can be enjoyed from miles around.

A quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, the area offers a destination spot for outdoor activities. Lakefront properties are characterized by a mix of housing types.

Source: City of San Angelo